Grand Hostel Manin | covid_faq
We make sure all spaces are properly cleaned, sanitized and ventilated,  with particular attention paid to the most frequently touched surfaces (door handles, light switches etc). Our cleaning products are certified bactericides, and we have a professional high temperature steamer for the most sensitive objects. Our staff are always wearing  a mask while interacting with customers and we  have hand sanitizer for guests.  

We will initially work on call. That’s why it’s important to let us know your check in time, to make sure we can welcome you properly.

Our staff will be still coming for daily cleaning and to supervise the correct use of kitchen and common spaces in the morning and the evening.

We’ll allso provide you an emergency number/ whatsapp you can contact any time you need

Common spaces have limited opening hours and are accessible only if wearing a mask,  we recommend keeping one meter’s distance from other people. Seats and tables are also arranged in order to guarantee a safe personal space
Breakfast will be served  in takeaway bags, we’ll give you a variety of products to choose from, and we’ll set it up for you
We allow guests to use the kitchen, but depending on the number of users, we may have to apply some restrictions (shifts/booking time) Unfortunately we’re not able to provide shared ingredients for cooking until further notice. If that sounds too stressful, we also got a deal with a nearby restaurant to have meals delivered for an affordable price.
Please, follow instructions provided by  the staff; remember to wash and sanitize your hands frequently, keep physical distance of minimum 1 mt from other people and always wear a mask while accessing shared spaces